my business is a family run business, and we have been trading for 5 years. we offer a range of treatments which are tattoo removal, birthmark and freckle, pigment and age spots removal, semi permanent make up removal, tread veins, carbon facial, black and blue nevus of ota , and also teeth whitening, and we will be expanding our business to a lot more cosmetics like, laser hair removal, fat freeze none surgical liposuction and much more. All are machines are medical grade which anyone can checkout and research. Me and my staff are well experienced and qualified to use these state of art machines.

When we are preforming the tattoo removal treatment a patch test is required this is to see how your skin reacts to the laser, and if no allergic reactions then a full treatment can be done 1 week after, the patch testing is required by law, and should only take a maximum of 30 mins, how the AW3 tattoo removal machine works is from the different wavelength heads 532 for dark colours and the 1036 for lighter colours, what the machine does is shoots light energy into the tattoo smashing the tattoo into tiny particles and for your body's immune system to flush out via the kidneys over a 6 to 8 week period. The machines we use are aw3 flash ink, Q- switch and Yag laser.

These machines are the newest and safest way to removal tattoos without scarring the skin. the machines are state of art medical grade machines. depending on size and how deep the ink is in your skin, as many as 10 treatments maybe required, but the normally gone around 6 treatments i've found.

the reason i started this business is because as a young man i had lots of tattoos done and was looking into having them removed, so i looked at a few different ways like tattoo removal cream which only bleaches the skin and lightens the top layer of skin, so then i came across the laser tattoo removal, and actually booked an appointment and had a tattoo removed, this took 6 treatments and it was totally gone no scarring i was well impressed. when speaking to the man who removed my tattoo he told me about the business opportunies to become a laser technician and actually do the treatments to help  other people that have had tattoos in there younger days which they now regret. so i started the process and trained to do this as a profession, and i have never looked back i have removed around 5 of my own tattoos now, and many many for other people that have had tattoo and regretted them. this treatment hurts a little but its nothing like having the tattoo put in, they hurt going in and hurt being taken out as well, but the reward of having the tattoo removed completely is worth a little bit off uncomfortability. having the tattoo removed is much faster, a tattoo that would take an hour to put on each treatment would only take 30 mins or less to do. the results from this aw3 machine are second to none, i have a few video telling you about the machines capability on the front page of my website. anyone who needs anymore information on the treatment i would be happy to help just leave me a message and i will get back to you within an hours time, i will answer any questions you put to me, we have discounts on when you bulk purchase just message for details.





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